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  • Recreational Marine Driver Licence (Boat)
  • Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski Licence)
  • Combined Boat and PWC Licence
  • There is no fee to commence the online training

Frequently Asked Questions

Allstate Boat Licensing and Training offer you free complimentary Online Boat & Jetski Licencing practice Quiz options. The quizis available to anyone interested in testing their current Qld boat and Jetski licence knowledge. The Quiz is also suited to anyone wanting to get a feel for a Queensland boat and or Jetski licence test examination.

The Queensland Online Boat & Jetski Licencing Practice Quiz will

  • provide a cross section of practice questions and answers;
  • at the end of the quizzie students will have their score and results displayed along with all of the questions and the correct answers and any wrong answers clearly marked
  • questions are multiple choice style
  • questions are randomized so each visitor to the test gets the questions in a random order, and means taking the test again provides a different question sequence experience
  • there is no fee to accesses the Quiz and you can take the quiz anonymously.

The practice test Quizzie does not replace a classroom boat and Jet ski license training or written exam test.

To access the Allstate Boat Licensing & Training - Boat and Jetski licence Quizze go to Free Online Boat & Jetski Licencing Practice Test

Yes, particularly with drink driving over the legal limit of 0.05.
Yes you can, but if you change your residence to another state you are required to transfer your licence to that state.
Yes you can, provided you are under the direct supervision of a licensed driver and Not towing a person such as water skiing.
No, it is a lifetime licence issue.
No. It is separate and free standing. For example, you don’t need a car licence to obtain a boat licence.
Yes it does if the vessel is for recreational purposes only.

Our trainers can provided you with your Boat Licence Gift Certificates, please contact the boat licensing trainer in the regional location the certificate is to be used.

16 years of age.
The Water Police and the Boating and Fishing Patrol.

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