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Boating Hints and Tips

Bungs in boats

Carry a spare bung for your boat on board. They are not expensive but can save you considerable anguish on certain occasions.

Boat fuel

Do not use aged fuel mixtures in you boat fuel tank. This often leads to motor start problems. Ensure your fuel is of the highest quality and free of water contamination. Use doubtful fuel in your lawn mower.

Boat battery

Do not let your boat start battery “die of old age “ in your boat. Replace it prior to letting you down. (perhaps every 24 months).

Motor repairs & service

Ensure your motor receives regular service and maintenance by persons with appropriate skills and knowledge.


Please ensure you have some form of communication in the event of trouble. A mobile phone is better than no radio at all. Let the Coast Guard or VMR know you plans.

Safety equipment

Check you have all the required safety equipment for the area you are boating in. (smooth, partially smooth, or open waters). An easy reference can be found in the Recreational Boating & Fishing book published by Maritime Safety Queensland.

Drink driving

Remember the drink driving rules on the water (currently 2012 under the 0.05 limit). Water Police conduct checks on a regular basis. You can lose your car and boat licence. Check current laws!

Overloading of boat

Don’t overload you boat. Use the max. capacity labels as a guide. These labels are required to be fitted to you boat. Obtain these labels and the appropriate booklet from the Queensland Transport Customer Service outlets.

Life jackets (pfd’s)

Remember to have the required life jackets on board—life jackets save lives—if you don’t believe this, perhaps you may be better off not boating!

Sea sickness

There are many methods and cures claimed for sea sickness. Some work, some don’t. The only sure way to prevent this is to sit under a tree.

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