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  • Recreational Marine Driver Licence (Boat)
  • Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski Licence)
  • Combined Boat and PWC Licence
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Paul Little

Trainer Phone: 0429361281

Trainer Email: paul@boatlicensing.com.au

Based in Cairns, Paul usually does Theory Training and Written Assessment in the suburb of Kanimbla(address above) then Practical Training and Assessment at "The Sugar Terminal Ramp" or Real name Fearnley St Boat Ramp/Jetty  which is located on Trawler Base Road(google maps that), Cairns. Courses can be organised as far south as Tully/Mission Beach and north to remote Cape York  if requested-these courses will require groups of people and will be priced according to numbers and travel requirements - Ring me for a quote. Next AVAILABLE  Written Test (50 M'Choice) and Practical Train/Assess day - Saturday 16th of December- starts at 2 Hussar Close at 8 am start at above address(see google map). with written exam MCQ (online must be completed & booking required -ring me) - then Practical down at Trawler Base Rd.  Next AVAILABLE Test & practical Train/Assess after above - Wednesday 22nd of December -All places available - 8am start with written exam(MCQ) - (online must be completed & booking required -ring me.) Then Saturday 30th of December - all available Then Wednesday 3rd of January - all available All through January -Wednesdays and Saturdays are EXAM/PRACTICAL Days - so START THE ONLINE NOW!  - So you are ready for written test and practical on the preferred date. Don't like online training - do the Face to Face Course - Costs more(QUOTE only) and takes same time as online. (Boating Book included in this course). Don't like online training? - do the Face to Face Course - Costs more(Online Preferred)-quote depending on number of persons doing it-(Boating Book included in this course). Flexible Training OPTION - can do Face to Face(quote on numbers-Again ONLINE preferred) after hours. Meet after work(same as online 5-6hrs) for Training/Written assessment -On water training next morning(Daybreak if required) .

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