Available Courses

  • Recreational Marine Driver Licence (Boat)
  • Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski Licence)
  • Combined Boat and PWC Licence
  • There is no fee to commence the online training

Code of Practice

Mission Statement

To enhance safety on our waterways and to support maritime safety in Queensland by providing quality education, training, and promoting good seamanship.

Code of Ethics – member of Marine Queensland

    1. Act honestly and fairly in all business dealings with the consumer
    2. Maintain professional courtesy and integrity at all times
    3. Ensure all advertising and representations are truthful and accurate
    4. At all times act in an environmentally responsible manner
    5. Do all that is possible to promote safe boating and education practices
    6. Render accurate, truthful and expert advice to the community
    7. Strive for excellence in quality of service to customers

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