Available Courses

  • Recreational Marine Driver Licence (Boat)
  • Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski Licence)
  • Combined Boat and PWC Licence
  • There is no fee to commence the online training

From 1 October 2020, the Queensland Government has changed how boaties and jet skiers are trained and assessed for the Recreational Marine Driver Licence (RMDL) and the Personal Watercraft Licence (PWCL). There will be a greater emphasis on training licence candidates until they are sufficiently prepared for their theory and practical assessments, which must be conducted separately. Allstate Boat Licensing & Training supports the government in its efforts to improve boating safety in this way. Our experienced trainers will guide you through the new process through our excellent online training program or our professional and thorough classroom courses (where offered). We will teach you theory such as the rules and regulations on the water, understanding the weather and tides, safety equipment requirements, the buoyage system and emergency management. This will lead to a theory assessment which you must pass before you can participate in practical assessment.

We will train you in or on our safe and comfortable vessels in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. You will be getting lots of time at the controls and we will patiently work with you to develop your skills on the water. Then when you feel you are ready you will be assessed on everything you’ve learnt. Please understand that this may be on a different day.

There are 4 steps you need to complete to obtain your licence. The sequence of these may vary a little in some centres due to tidal limitations or some other local reason but you must pass your theory assessment before being permitted to do your practical assessment.


Prior to enrolling for the training you should contact your preferred Allstate centre Trainer to discuss being sent an information pack which may include;

  • Enrolment Form
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Medical Fitness Disclosure Statement and fact sheet
  • Course fee and method of payment
  • Refund policy
  • Literacy and Numeracy Support
  • Available dates and location

STEP 1 Enrol in and complete our online RMDL (boat) or PWCL (jetski) theory training course with no upfront cost OR attend a classroom course (where offered). Please contact your preferred Allstate centre if you have any enquiries.

Theory training must be completed prior to practical boat or jet ski training.

STEP 2 Do your practical RMDL or PWCL training on the water to become competent to complete your practical assessment.

ALTERNATIVE STEP 2 Complete your theory assessment before your practical training.

STEP 3 Once you have completed both the theory and practical training sections, you proceed to your theory & practical assessments which will be conducted to the BoatSafe standards.

STEP 4 You’ve done it! You are now deemed competent to operate a recreational boat or jet ski. Now take your Statement/s of Competency to Queensland Transport within 6 months to obtain your Marine Licence. You are not licensed until you have done this.

  • To obtain a PWC (Jet Ski) Licence you will need to first hold a RMDL (boat) licence or equivalent. The combined RMDL & PWC Licence Course is available at the same time under the same 4 step process.
  • The minimum age to obtain a RMDL or PWC licence is 16. You can attend a course after 15½yo as the statement of competency is valid for 6 months.

Available Courses

Boat – Theory and Training Session 


  • THEORY ASSESSMENT – Reassessment might be required on another day/s
  • PRACTICAL TRAINING SESSION IN BOAT (approx 4hr group session) (additional training might be required on another day)
  • PRACTICAL ASSESSMENT – Reassessment might be required on another day/s

PWC – Theory and Training Session (weight restrictions may apply to the use of a PWC for training purposes)


  • THEORY ASSESSMENT – Reassessment might be required on another day/s
  • PRACTICAL TRAINING SESSION ON PWC (approx 60min, 1 on 1session) (additional training might be required on another day)
  • PRACTICAL ASSESSMENT – Reassessment might be required on another day/s

Combined Boat and PWC Theory and Training Session  (weight restrictions may apply to the use of a PWC for training purposes)


  • THEORY ASSESSMENTS – Reassessment might be required on another day/s
  • PRACTICAL TRAINING SESSION ON BOAT AND PWC (approx 4hr group boat session and 60 min 1on 1 PWC session) (additional training might be required on another day)
  • PRACTICAL ASSESSMENTS – Reassessment might be required on another day/s



The theory training is where you learn the information to be able to get out on the water safely and covers the theory aspects of safe boating & jet skiing to prepare you for the theory assessment. It can be conducted online or face to face in a classroom.

You will need to complete the theory training before you attend the practical training session.

Option 1. The Online Theory

This is the most popular option as it enables you to learn at your own pace and go back over sections until you are comfortable that you understand them. The course includes videos, explanations and quizzes. Theory and Practical Assessments must be completed within a 3-month time frame on successful completion of the Online Theory Course. This is a QLD Government requirement.

Option 2. In-class as face to face training.

Some centres can provide face to face theory training in a classroom if required. You will need to call your preferred Allstate centre to arrange a suitable training date and an extra charge may apply.


After theory training has been completed you will be assessed with a closed book theory exam. This needs to be done in person with us and is normally completed on the day you attend the practical training. The allocated exam time is 45 minutes. In some locations the theory assessment may need to be completed before attending the practical training and assessing.

There are 50 multiple choice questions for the Boat only course

70 multiple choice questions for the combined Boat and PWC course and

40 multiple choice questions for the PWC only course

The pass mark for all multiple choice question MSQ exams is 100%. If any of the questions are answered incorrectly, you will need to undergo further training on those sections with our trainer, at the time you are attending. You will then be given a second attempt at getting 100% on the exam (you will only be required to redo the questions you answered incorrectly).

  • If unsuccessful the student is deemed not yet competent, you can come back to us for further training and reattempt the theory assessment on another day.
  • You will not be able to complete the practical assessment until you have passed the theory assessment.

There is no limit on the number of reattempts you can do, bearing in mind that only 2 attempts on the same day are allowed, and

that you may pay an assessment fee to us on each day you attempt the assessment.


STEP 2: PRACTICAL TRAINING – Putting the theory into practice

So it’s time to put the theory into practice. The practical training takes place on one of our vessels and the initial lesson will have you behind the wheel for between 45-60 mins. You will learn how to do a variety of tasks every skipper needs to be able to do such as - person overboard drill, berthing, manoeuvring at low and high speeds, general navigation on water, and emergency stops.

There are 20 different tasks each person needs to be competent in to be able to pass the practical assessment. Not all people learn at the same pace therefore it is important to be considerate of other students aboard the vessel.

  • You will be given opportunity to practice each task, and the instructor will advise whether they think you are at a competency level to attempt the formal practical assessment. This will be an honest opinion from the instructor, but it is your decision. During the assessment it will be up to you to complete the tasks without any assistance or help from any person aboard the vessel.
  • For students who have never driven a boat before, multiple training sessions may be needed, depending on the student’s aptitude.
  • Our upfront fee includes practical training on the water, with between 45-60 minutes maximum training per person (group session of 3-4 people) for the various tasks you will be assessed on, giving you the opportunity to learn as you watch other people as well as practice yourself. The maximum training time may vary in some centres due to operating conditions.
  • When you can do each of these tasks without any assistance or guidance by the instructor, you will be ready to attempt the assessment.

You may not be competent in driving the boat / PWC in just one day Additional practical on water training session(s) may be required if you are unsuccessful in performing the required tasks for assessment.

Additional practical training which includes the instructor and vessel will attract an additional fee.

Discuss scheduling for this with your instructor.


The BoatSafe licensing system requires the instructor to formally assess each student’s competence on a prescribed list of tasks.

You will need to pass a formal practical assessment without assistance or guidance from the instructor or another person on the training vessel..

  • Only ONEattempt at each practical task is allowed per day under assessment conditions. So if you run over a float during the man overboard task or do not follow the regulations etc., then just like a car licence test you can’t be passed that day.

If you are unsuccessful in the practical assessment, you can pay for further training session(s), giving you the time to practice the required tasks again until you are ready for the next attempt of the Practical Assessment (a fee is charged for each additional assessment). 



When you have successfully completed the theory and practical assessments, we will provide the statement of competency (which is not your licence) and Licence application form to take into Qld Transport to obtain your licence. The statement of competency is valid for 6 months and must be presented in person during this time, otherwise reassessment is required.

The Licence fees for RMDL and PWCL charged at Qld Transport are available here



  • Maritime Safety Queensland provide information on licensing here.
  • Download a copy of The BoatSafe Workbook 6th edition  here.

If you wish to print the workbook it must be printed in colour and there are in excess of 90 pages.

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