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  • Recreational Marine Driver Licence (Boat)
  • Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski Licence)
  • Combined Boat and PWC Licence
  • There is no fee to commence the online training

Allstate Boat Licence Location

QLD Boat & PWC Licence Courses for Mackay and Surrounding District

Address: Mackay, Queensland

Your trainer is:

Matthew Bampton

Phone: 0488020855

Email: matthew@boatlicensing.com.au

Matthew covers a large area of Central Queensland.  Click on the links below to go directly to the specific location pages.  Central Queensland North East  

Central Queensland South East Central Queensland West South Western Queensland
  • Texas
  • Goondiwindi
  • St George
  • Cunnamulla
  • Thargomindah


Location Course Dates

Bookings are essential and the training will not proceed if sufficient people are not attending the boat or PWC licence training.

Contact Matthew Bampton on 0488020855 

Email: matthew@boatlicensing.com.au


Location Course Fees

Course fees include the theory assessment, practical training and practical assessment.


Boat Licence Course -  $350 - each person

Jet Ski Licence Course - $350 each person

Boat & Jet Ski Licence Combined Course - $650 each person

Once you have successfully completed the training you do not have a licence to operate your vessel. You must take your paperwork to a Queensland Transport & Main Roads Customer Service Centre, within 6 months of the date of issue of the Statement of Competency, for the issue or you licence/s. The current fee is $116.85 for the boat licence and $116.85 for the PWC (Jet Ski) Licence. There are no exams to complete at Qld. Transport & Main Roads.

Location Details

( insert location ) you will complete paperwork, be provided with a refresher of the online theory training if necessary and complete the theory assessment.

The practical training and assessment will follow and this will generally be from the Pioneer River boat ramp on River Street, Mackay.

Contact Matthew Bampton on 0488020855 

Email: matthew@boatlicensing.com.au


What To Bring

It is your responsibility to provide your own meals and bottled water.

Please bring suitable identification e.g. Photo Driver's Licence or Photographic ID or ID bearing signature of Candidate.

It is recommended that you bring a change of clothes and towel especially in wet weather or when attending the PWC Licence Training.

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Boat Licence (RMDL) requirements

  • It is a requirement of Maritime Safety Queensland that a person be 16 years of age or older to be issued with a Recreational Marine Drivers Licence. A person may attend the training once they are 15 years and 6 months of age.
  • You must demonstrate you are competent to navigate and manage a recreational boat.
  • You must complete a Medical Disclosure Statement.
  • You must provide suitable identification.
  • It does not matter where you live, you can attend the training in any of the Allstate Locations
  • On successful completion of the course you will be issued with a Statement of Competency which must be validated at any Queensland Transport & Main Roads Customer Service Centre that issues marine licences. The Queensland Transport Licence fee is payable when your licence is issued.

Jetski (PWC) Licence requirements

  • You must hold a current and valid marine licence before being able to obtain a personal watercraft licence.
  • The PWC Licence training can be held on a different day to the boat licence training depending on local conditions.


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